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I'm a Sport Pilot currently living in SE WA State. Upon my FINAL (honest) retirement in April 2022, my wife and I intend to move to the Rapid City area. Looking forward to joining the SD aviation community!

- Mark Hanneman, West Richland, WA

Glad to hear from you Mark. We're looking forward to you joining the SD Aviation Community. You're welcome to join the SDPA at any time. We have several members living outside SD (Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming).

- Steve Hamilton, SDPA Executive Director

I am looking for a copy of the bio that was used when my father, Captain Selmer E. Skotvold was inducted. Thank you.

- Sandra Skotvold Westerman, Livingston, TX

Hi Sandra, I found your father's bio. Selmer Skotvold: Selmer entered the United States Marine Corps on August 24, 1943. He was stationed at Midway Island and flew he SBD-5 and SB2C-3 aircraft from November '44 until late August of 1945. During his 10 months at Midway, he flew 190 flights accumulation 340 hours.

- Steve Hamilton, SDPA Executive Director

Looking for scholarships that apply to young students interested in private or sport certificate not for a career, but for recreation, given I am diabetic and would not be able to get anything more than class 3 medical.

- Nicholas Bennett, Rapid City, SD

Hi Nicholas, All of the flight training scholarships that I am aware of are listed on our Scholarship page on our web site. The Becker-Hansen Memorial Scholarship will be advertised in the coming months.

- Steve Hamilton, SDPA Executive Director

Looking for a SD Pass Port to fly SD Airports.

- Allan Goerger, Barney, ND

Hi Allan, Send me your mailing address and I will mail a FLY South Dakota Airports Passport to you.

- Steve Hamilton

Looking for advice for the best route (lowest altitude) rapid City to Salt lake City.

- Steve Cohen, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Hi Steve, I posted your request on the SDPA facebook page to get some responses.

- Steve Hamilton

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