South Dakota Pilots Association

SDPA Meetings

The South Dakota Pilots Association holds Meetings typically the month before the newsletter is published. SDPA Meetings are opportunities for pilots to fly to an airport away from home and participate in a discussion of aviation issues in South Dakota and activities to promote general aviation in South Dakota.

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Apr 5, 2003

Meeting (Aberdeen)

Aberdeen Flying Service

Jan 18, 2003

Meeting (Gettysburg)

Medicine Rock Café

Nov 2, 2002

Meeting (Madison)

Madison Aircraft

Aug 17, 2002

Fly SD (8th) (2 SD stops)

Spearfish (SD Aviation Hall of Fame: Black Hills Aero)

May 4, 2002

Meeting (Pierre)

Capital City Air Carriers

Jan 5, 2002

Meeting (Yankton)

Airport Terminal

Nov 10, 2001

Meeting (Brookings)

Big Sioux Aviation

Aug 18, 2001

Fly SD (7th) (Mitchell, Pierre, Wall, Spearfish (SD Aviation Hall of Fame: BlackHills Aero))

Fly SD (7th): SDPA members Barry Bibler, John Feidler, RayJilek, and Steve Hamilton performed a “missing man” formation just prior to the SD Aviation Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Spearfish.

The 7th FLY SD included a tour of the Rapid City control tower and the Army National Guard facility and aircraft.

May 19, 2001

Presentation (Huron)

Huron AFSS (Steve Hamilton)

May 12, 2001

Meeting (Huron)

Airport Terminal