South Dakota Pilots Association

SDPA Meetings

The South Dakota Pilots Association holds Meetings typically the month before the newsletter is published. SDPA Meetings are opportunities for pilots to fly to an airport away from home and participate in a discussion of aviation issues in South Dakota and activities to promote general aviation in South Dakota.

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Sep 19, 1998

Fly SD (4th) (Watertown, Huron, Pierre, Philip, Rapid City)

9/19/1998 - 9/20/1998
(Canceled due to weather)

Jun 20, 1998

Airport Day (Gettysburg Airport)

Jan 15, 1998

Meeting (Sioux Falls)

Business Aviation

Sep 13, 1997

Fly SD (3rd) (Huron, Mobridge, Gettysburg, Chamberlain, Yankton)

9/13/1997 - 9/14/1997
Fly SD (3rd): A variety of planesparticipating in the 3rd FLY SD event arrived in Yankton.

May 10, 1997

Meeting (Pierre)

Capital City Air Carriers

Jan 18, 1997

Meeting (Pierre)

Capital City Air Carriers

Sep 14, 1996

Fly SD (2nd) (Madison, Huron, Mobridge, Faith, Spearfish)

9/14/1996 - 9/15/1996

Jun 29, 1996

Airport Day (Gettysburg Airport)

Apr 13, 1996

Meeting (Huron)

Hangar Café

Jan 13, 1996

Meeting (Pierre)

St. Charles Hotel