South Dakota Pilots Association

SDPA Meetings

The South Dakota Pilots Association holds Meetings typically the month before the newsletter is published. SDPA Meetings are opportunities for pilots to fly to an airport away from home and participate in a discussion of aviation issues in South Dakota and activities to promote general aviation in South Dakota.

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Sep 12, 2015

Meeting (Spearfish)

Black Hills Aero

Jun 13, 2015

Meeting (Wall)


Lt. Col. Jim Ross (center), Assistant Director of Operational Support Squadron, Ellsworth AFB, SD, gave a presentation the implementation of the Powder River Training Complex on June 13 at the SDPA Meeting at Wall Airport.Ross was assisted by Lt. Col. Matt Martin (left) and Mr. George Stone (right), Air Space Manager.

Apr 11, 2015

Meeting (Madison)

Riggin Flight Services

Feb 7, 2015

Meeting (Oacoma)

Al's Oasis Restaurant

Nov 8, 2014

Meeting (Tea)

Sioux Falls EAA Chapter 289 building

John Barney (left) and Harold "Giff" Gifford.Giff gave a presentation on Nov 8 at Tea, SD, about his book titled, "The Miracle Landing:The true story of how the NBA's Minneapolis Lakers almost perished in an Iowa cornfield during a January blizzard."

Sep 6, 2014

Meeting (Spearfish)

Black Hills Aero

Jun 14, 2014

Meeting (Pierre)

Airport Terminal

Apr 12, 2014

Meeting (Watertown)

Lake Area TechnicalInstitute Aviation Program

Feb 8, 2014

Meeting (Oacoma)

Al's Oasis

Nov 9, 2013

Meeting (Baltic)

Raven/ Aerostar Innovation Campus Aerostat Hangar

Thirty people participated in the tour of the Raven / Aerostar Innovation Campus Aerostat Hangar (4 miles south of Baltic, SD) on November 9, 2013. Martin Harms (below), Flight Operations Manager, gave the tour and a presentation on aerostats and other projects.