South Dakota Pilots Association

SDPA Meetings

The South Dakota Pilots Association holds Meetings typically the month before the newsletter is published. SDPA Meetings are opportunities for pilots to fly to an airport away from home and participate in a discussion of aviation issues in South Dakota and activities to promote general aviation in South Dakota.

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May 31, 2009

Meeting (Ellsworth)

AFB during open house & civilian fly-in

Mar 21, 2009

Meeting (Brookings)

Lunchtime for East River Aviation Safety Symposium

Jan 31, 2009

Meeting (Oacoma)

Al's Oasis

Twenty-one people participated in the SDPA at Oacoma on Jan 31, 2009

Jan 31, 2009: Steve Hamilton (right) presented Mary Carol Potts (left) a commemorative 'postal stamp' and SDPA crystal paperweight in appreciation of being the SDPA Treasurer since 1993.

SDPA Meeting on 1/31/2009 in Oacoma. Bobbie Potts (left) and Grove Rathbun(right) were presented commemorative 'postal stamps' in appreciation of being SDPA Presidents. Rathbun also received a Certificate of Appreciation forbeing the SDPA President for 2007-2008.

Sep 13, 2008

Fly SD (14th) (Spearfish)

SD Aviation Hall of Fame(Black Hills Aero)

Jul 26, 2008

Meeting (Mitchell)

Wright Brothers Aviation / Air Venture Cup Race

May 31, 2008

Meeting (Mitchell)

Wright Brothers Aviation

Mar 22, 2008

Meeting (Pierre)

Airport terminal

Jan 26, 2008

Meeting (Yankton)

JoDean's Restaurant

SDPA Meeting on 1/26/2008 in Yankton. Hod Neilsen of Yankton talked about hisexperiences as a P-38 photoreconnaissance pilot in WWII prior to the invasionof Europe.

Sep 8, 2007

Fly SD (13th) (Spearfish)

SD Aviation Hall of Fame(Black Hills Aero)

May 19, 2007

Meeting (Rapid City)

Rapid Fuel on airport with EAA Chapter 39 event