South Dakota Pilots Association

SDPA Meetings

The South Dakota Pilots Association holds Meetings typically the month before the newsletter is published. SDPA Meetings are opportunities for pilots to fly to an airport away from home and participate in a discussion of aviation issues in South Dakota and activities to promote general aviation in South Dakota.

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Mar 24, 2007

Meeting (Pierre)

Airport conference room in terminal (second floor)

Jan 20, 2007

Meeting (Watertown)

Lake Area Technical Institute at airport.

SDPA Meeting on 1/20/2007 in Watertown. Tom Paulson , Director of the Lake AreaTechnical Institute (LATI) Foundation, talked about the LATI, and introducedAndy Griese, Hoven, SD, who was the first recipient of the SDPA AviationMechanic Scholarship at the LATI in the Aviation maintenance Technologyprogram.

Greg Klein (gray shirt), instructorin the LATI Aviation Maintenance Technology program, gave a detailed tour ofthe facility.

Erick Dahl, Watertown AirportManager, talked about activities at the airport.

Captain Greg Hall, Watertown Fire Department, gave atour of the fire station at the Watertown Airport.

Sep 9, 2006

Fly SD (12th) (2 SD stops)

Spearfish (SD Aviation Hall ofFame: BlackHills Aero)

Jun 24, 2006

Meeting (Kadoka)

Airport (Kadoka celebrate & parade)

Apr 15, 2006

Meeting (Mobridge)

Grand Oasis Restaurant

Jan 28, 2006

Meeting (Winner)

VFW Club

SDPA Meeting on 1/28/2006 in Winner.Front row (left to right); Shon Keith, Sirus Keith, Delbert Keith, Mary CarolPotts, Pam Hamilton, Theresa Marten, Marsha Sumpter, and Myra Christensen.Back row (left to right): Steve Hamilton, Larry Pravecek, Clarence Raschke,Jeff Jackson, Dave Cwach, Grove Rathbun, Ray Jilek, Butch Oien, Dwayne LaFave,Dave Marten, Merle Vig, and Bobbie Potts.

Dec 3, 2005

Meeting (Winner)

Cancelled due to weather

Sep 10, 2005

Fly SD (11th) (2 SD stops)

Spearfish (SD Aviation Hall ofFame: BlackHills Aero)

Jul 16, 2005

Meeting (Brookings)

Pheasant Restaurant

May 14, 2005

Meeting (Gettysburg)

Airport terminal (after airport dedication)