South Dakota Pilots Association

What's New

  Monday, January 2nd, 2023

What’s New at We updated our new website on January 2. Here are the updates:

Join page: Added eight new Lifetime Members: Joshua Appel (Redfield): September 2022; Blake Burwell (Renner): October 2022; Kelly DeBerg (Sioux Falls): September 2022; Shannon Doe (Henderson, NV): September 2022; Richard Grorud (Milbank): November 2022; Terry Hinn (Hot Springs): December 2022; Marcus Molskness (Wentworth): August 2022; Donald Schaffer (Buena Park, CA): November 2022. Moved two LifeTime Members to “Gone West” section: George Jenter (Sturgis): June 2015. “Gone West” October 23, 2022; and Ted Miller (Spearfish): September 2014. “Gone West” September 11, 2022.

Officers page: Added contact information, bio, and photo for new officers: Dale Knuth – President, Ryan Limesand – Secretary, Kelly DeBerg – Treasurer, and Roger Lee - District 3 Director.

GA Promotion page: Added two items the section on Letters, Alerts, Calls, Meetings, etc section.

FLY SD Airports Passport page: Added new recipient for the Gold Award: Greg Malkowsky (Oshkosh, WI).

Meetings page: Added photos of speakers at meetings on September 10 (Larry Vetterman and Corey Lewis) and November 12 (Scott Foth).

Masters page: Added two new Master Mechanics (John Bucher of Castlewood and Gerald Kasuske of Watertown) and five new Master Pilots (James Christophersen of Brookings; Gene Ebneter of Yankton; Gerald Kasuske of Watertown; Harold Schramm of Utica; Harrison Thompson of Brookings).

Aviation Hall of Fame page: Added comment about SDAHF President Ted Miller passing away.